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2007 Pacing Yearlings

...will sell at the
Forest City Yearling Sale

Oct. 13th & 14th at Western Fair

in London, Ontario.

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In order to view the videos of each yearling, you will need Macromedia Flash 7. If you have Flash already, simply click on the video icon View a Video of Armbro Pisces next to the yearling you wish to see.

          *Denotes agent yearling  
Video Hip # Color Sex Horse Name Dam Sire of Dam
108 Bl C Download PDF of...In A Craze  Udrivemecrazy  Camluck*
214 B F Download PDF of...Kiss The Glass  This Kiss  Jate Lobell*
151 B F Download PDF of...Seatosmilingsea  Costal Skyhawk  Albatross*
205 B F Download PDF of...Give Me Some Sugar  Sugar Hill  Jate Lobell
154 B F Download PDF of...Wortherweightnoats  Daily Record  Life Sign*
278 B F Download PDF of...Wake Up Smiling  Extreme Dream  Jate Lobell
1 B C Download PDF of...Talking It Out  Gecko's Can Talk  Western Hanover
89 B F Download PDF of...Giggles N Games  Giggles N Grins  Jate Lobell
308 B C Download PDF of...Dont Need A Map  Just Passin Thru  Jate Lobell
27 B F Download PDF of...Inside Dish  Like Butter  Jate Lobell*
84 B C Download PDF of...Big Fun  She Cantsay No  Die Laughing*
196 B C Download PDF of...See You Smile  Smicker Snicker  Northern Luck
198 B F Download PDF of...Comealittlecloser  So Far Away  Jate Lobell*
210 B F Download PDF of...Promiseheranything  Tearful Promise  Jate Lobell*
104 B F Download PDF of...Blah Blah Blah  Tootuffforwords  Jate Lobell*
No Pan Intended
155 B C Download PDF of...Archduke  Dame Crombie  Abercrombie*
Western Terror
237 B C Download PDF of...Unstoppable Charm  Armbro Nashua  Abercrombie*
242 Br F Download PDF of...Talk Is Sweet  Banter  Abercrombie*
139 Br F Download PDF of...Twisted Terror  Birneekins Mindale  Jate Lobell*
250 Br F Download PDF of...Wish All You Want  Cantbuymehappiness  Pacific Rocket
165 Br F Download PDF of...One Crazy Daisy  Esther's Joy  David's Pass
303 B F Download PDF of...Don't Blame Me  Innocently  Jate Lobell
48 B F Download PDF of...Timeless Grace  My Everything  Abercrombie
74 B F Download PDF of...Paris The Heiress  Radiant Heiress  Life Sign
3 B F Download PDF of...On A Clear Night  So Many Stars  Jate Lobell
90 Br C Download PDF of...Fast Pay  Speedy Shopper  Abercrombie*
229 B C Download PDF of...Makes Me Wonder  Wish Of My Own  Jate Lobell