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2007 Pacing Yearlings

..will sell at the
Lexington Selected Yearling Sale
Oct. 3rd - 7th at the Fasig-Tipton Pavilion
in Lexington, Kentucky

          *Denotes agent yearling  
Hip # Color Sex Horse Name Dam Sire of Dam
Allamerican Ingot
533 B C Download PDF of...Object Of Envy Alwaysnmyart Artsplace
755 B F Download PDF of...True Blue Baby Angel Falls Presidential Ball*
765 B F Download PDF of...Spirit Of Giving Ayla Jate Lobell*
773 B C Download PDF of...Up N Going Before Hours Cam Fella
779 B C Download PDF of...Long Winded Breathless Charm Beach Towel
588 B C Download PDF of...At Max Speed Go The Extra Mile Life Sign
277 B C Download PDF of...One True Honor Greatestgiftofall Artsplace*
434 B F Download PDF of...Little Red Dress Have A Heart Artsplace*
600 B C Download PDF of...Miami Ink Home Treasure Panorama
442 B C Download PDF of...Zone Player Ivy's Place Artsplace*
612 B F Download PDF of...Can Do No Wrong Just Call Me Angel Artsplace*
639 B C Download PDF of...Mr Do Well Miraculous Muffy Artsplace
496 B F Download PDF of...Yippy Skippy Sign Of Joy Life Sign
725 B F Download PDF of...Fun Four Everyone Threes A Charm Albert Albert*
Allamerican Native
778 B F Download PDF of...Big Blue Nation Blue Hour Jate Lobell*
800 B F Download PDF of...Inthemoodfornude Devil Dancer Jate Lobell
814 B C Download PDF of...All Comes Together Family Effort Jate Lobell*
620 B C Download PDF of...Get It Started Lady A Abercrombie
672 B C Download PDF of...Island Oasis Paradise Island Abercrombie*
722 B F Download PDF of...Tell Me A Tale Tender Moments Northern Luck*
743 B F Download PDF of...Wherever You Go Whiffed It Northern Luck*
Art Major
69 B C Download PDF of...Drew A Strait Line Jates Strait Jate Lobell
17 B F Download PDF of...Retail Therapy Precious Shopper Precious Bunny*
11 B C Download PDF of...Captain Sir Yankee Luck Western Hanover
Bettor's Delight
291 B F Download PDF of...Cashmereifyoucan Lifes Highway Life Sign
148 B C Download PDF of...American Delight Michelanne Jate Lobell*
152 B C Download PDF of...Casino Blues Village Blues Jate Lobell
22 B F Download PDF of...Oh No She Didn't Youmustbedreaming Jate Lobell
Blissfull Hall
551 B C Download PDF of...Banker Bliss Broadway Comeback Broadway Express*
593 B C Download PDF of...American Bliss G W Jentle Jessica Jenna's Beach Boy*
644 B C Download PDF of...Cardinal Bliss Mollychiko Jate Lobell*
71 Br C Download PDF of...Big Sugar Daddy Kisses N Candy Jate Lobell
Cam's Card Shark
194 B F Download PDF of...Showherthemoney Stienam's Place Artsplace*
353 B C Download PDF of...Out Having Fun Sweetly Blessed Life Sign*
I Am A Fool
757 B C Download PDF of...Foolish Devil Angel Unaware Jate Lobell
511 B C Download PDF of...In Over My Head Blue For You No Nukes
395 B C Download PDF of...Not All There Callmeclueless Grinfromeartoear*
159 B C Download PDF of...Mr Competitive Cate The Great Artsplace
253 B C Download PDF of...Dream Beau Crush On You Western Hanover*
424 B C Download PDF of...My Dad Rocks Give Me Diamonds Jate Lobell
140 B C Download PDF of...Fool Me Twice Love It Live Jate Lobell*
681 B F Download PDF of...Fame Game Pop Culture Rustler Hanover
331 B F Download PDF of...Gone To Rehab Rowdy Angel Jate Lobell
336 B F Download PDF of...Rocktheboatbaby Seven Seas Northern Luck
345 B C Download PDF of...Cantfoolmetwice So Completely Beach Towel*
718 Br F Download PDF of...Glamour Don't Style N Smile Die Laughing
349 B C Download PDF of...Squeeze Play Summer Squeeze Jate Lobell
724 B C Download PDF of...Cantlivewithoutu Thisoldheartofmine Dragons Lair*
91 B C Download PDF of...Foolish Gem Trinketsntreasures Artiscape*
399 B F Download PDF of...Silly Little Ways Yankee Checkers Cam's Card Shark*
Jate Lobell
438 B F Download PDF of...Hear No Evil Heavenly Innocense Die Laughing*
Life Sign
797 B C Download PDF of...Dash Away All Dasharoo Jate Lobell
595 Br F Download PDF of...Lifeslilblessing Hannah Banana No Nukes
Western Hanover
74 B C Download PDF of...Amoretto On Ice Armbro Amoretto Artsplace*
80 Br F Download PDF of...Photolyinclined Artisticlyinclined Artsplace*
288 B F Download PDF of...Toomuchfunwithu Last Night Abercrombie
96 B C Download PDF of...Change The Locks Michelle's Revenge Cam's Card Shark
329 B F Download PDF of...Goodgirlgonebad Roaring Good Time Jate Lobell*
208 B F Download PDF of...Whataprettypicture Trulyawork Of Art Artsplace
Western Terror
462 Br C Download PDF of...Mr Terror Ms Abbiedancer Electric Yankee*
222 Br C Download PDF of...World Away World's Sweetheart Jate Lobell