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Kentuckiana Farms Yearlings


2008 Trotting Yearlings

...will sell at the
Lexington Selected Yearling Sale

Oct. 1st - 5th at the Fasig-Tipton Pavilion

in Lexington, Kentucky

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*Denotes agent yearling
Video Hip # Color Sex Horse Name Dam Sire of Dam
Cantab Hall
306 B F Skerry Always Victorious Mr Vic*
302 B F Limonata Youmakemeblush Yankee Glide*
Classic Photo
469 B C Baltic Volo Baltic Delight Baltic Speed*
679 B C Kulbis Bebop Baby Yankee Glide*
169 B F Classic Form Casey's Lil' Lane Lindy Lane*
493 B C Victorious Volo Crowned Victory Valley Victory*
501 Br F Eternal Volo Eternal Victory Valley Victory*
502 B C True Match Evita De Vie Self Possessed
744 B C Getgo Volo Gain The Day Mr Vic*
199 B C Hamilton Volo Hail Mary Hanover Yankee Glide*
71 B C Wisdomofourfathers Honorable Mother Mr Vic
813 B F Isabel Volo My Isabel Conway Hall*
564 B F Naughty Volo Naughty Hall Victory Dream*
567 B F Noteable Volo No Moremiss Speedy Crown*
575 B C Beach Access Path To Paradise Donerail
258 B C Sandman Volo Sandra Victory Valley Victory*
259 B C Protagonist Second Act Sierra Kosmos*
434 B C He's A Great Catch Sole Mate Self Possessed
13 B F Playoff Volo Stroke Play Yankee Glide*
280 B F Tintern Abbey Tintern Donerail*
657 Br F Prettyasapicture Way Shape Or Form Conway Hall*
295 Bl F Classic Obsession What Idid For Love Angus Hall*
Conway Hall
382 B C Winnerofitall Lifelong Victory Valley Victory*
115 B F Same Sweet Girl Song Catcher Yankee Glide
143 B F My Day To Play Zig N Zag Yankee Glide
Ken Warkentin
372 B C Mallon Just Got A Winner Lindy Lane*
111 B C Ecton Park Sheena Hall Conway Hall*
439 B F I Love Stacys Mom Stay At Home Mom Mr Vic*
Like A Prayer
587 B F BP Three Reinvent Malabar Man*
Muscles Yankee
346 Br C Sticky Fingers Emotional Rescue American Winner*
Revenue S
365 B C Northern Eternity Heaven Tonight Victory Dream*
S J's Caviar
148 Ch F Aim To Prosper Aimee's Promise American Winner
SJ's Photo
709 B C Skyline Star Dead Even Donerail*
796 B C Long Branch Mantoloking Sierra Kosmos*
Tom Ridge
803 B C Just Keep Going Meme's Sugar Donerail
Yankee Glide
25 B F Thousand Words Armbro Vanquish Garland Lobell
299 B F Ready To Please Armbro Wonderful King Conch*
157 B C Power Of Now Aura Of Glory Royal Prestige
316 B C Newport Volo Bank Of Newport Tagliabue*
476 B C Jetblue Volo Blue Water Fly Supergill*
325 B F Belle In Bloom Cardinal Lexie Cooper Lobell
53 B C Any Requests Catchy Little Tune Crowning Point
492 B C Outback Volo Cookout Bonefish*
193 B C Go For The W Foxy Victory Mr Vic
509 B F Kiss On The Sheik Fresh Face Mr Vic
511 B F Mint Tulip Gems N Roses Enjoy Lavec
67 B F Gameful Volo Gutsy Volo Speedy Somolli*
364 B C Turn It Down Hear The Music Conway Hall
368 B C Letsgo Volo Irene Letsgo Armbro Goal*
78 B C Holiday Road Jambo Tagliabue*
216 B C Glideable Volo Likeable Supergill*
536 B C Mister King Little Ms Queenie American Winner
387 B C Reporting For Duty Louisa Matilda Malabar Man
85 B F Grande Nube M Stewart American Winner*
552 B C Ilikeyoualatte Melt My Heart Royal Prestige
557 B C Come Into Focus Miss Photogenic Crowning Point
93 B F Mistress Volo Missys Goal Armbro Goal*
817 B C Delpiero Nanny Diary Mr Vic*
565 B C Noble Volo Neat Knees Pine Chip*
425 B F Reviewer Royal Review Royal Prestige*
598 B C Keep In Time Secret Harmony Tagliabue
445 B C Big Payout Tip N Chips Pine Chip
281 B C Trevino Volo Tresora Armbro Goal*
26 B C Eye On The Prize Victory My Way Donerail