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Kentuckiana Farms Yearlings


2009 Trotting Yearlings

...will sell at the
Lexington Selected Yearling Sale

Oct. 7th - 11th at the Fasig-Tipton Pavilion

in Lexington, Kentucky

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*Denotes agent yearling
Video Hip # Color Sex Horse Name Dam Sire of Dam
Andover Hall
269 Br C Berlusconi Always Victorious Mr Vic*
42 Br C Classified Volo Classic Winner American Winner*
250 Br C Shesnotthatintoyou Dig That Girl Yankee Glide*
46 B F Silverstar Volo Silver Springs Yankee Glide*
55 B C Grandslam Volo Stroke Play Yankee Glide*
239 B C Cyclonicus Youmakemeblush Yankee Glide*
Angus Hall
635 B C Imperial Count Miss Imperial Imperial Victory*
297 B F Sandpiper Volo Sandra Victory Valley Victory*
Broadway Hall
10 B C Desserticus M Stewart American Winner*
Cantab Hall
503 B C Nearlythere Volo Neat Knees Pine Chip*
162 B F Truffle Volo Tresora Armbro Goal*
Classic Photo
726 B F Kacy's Photo Casey's Lil Lane Lindy Lane*
600 B C Classic One Countess Rosemary Armbro Goal
609 B C Stay All Day Dawdle Bonefish
630 B F Pure Barre Dear Abs Muscles Yankee
665 B F Liveforthemoment Evita De Vie Self Possessed
745 B F Get It Volo Get It Get It Yankee Glide*
713 B C Special Team Gold Medalist Donerail
716 B C Hailstorm Volo Hail Mary Hanover Yankee Glide*
247 B C Honorable Act Honorable Mother Mr Vic
557 Br F Taya's Photo Mystical Taya Valley Victor*
710 B C King Of The Court Queen Volo Malabar Man*
589 B C Reel Dedicated Sole Mate Self Possessed
566 B F Sweetheart Volo Sweet Volo Self Possessed*
826 Br F Happyhoureveryhour Tip N Chips Pine Chip
778 B F Photo Session Way Shape Or Form Conway Hall*
Conway Hall
126 B F Foxtrot Volo Box Trot Cumin*
452 B C Me Time Meme's Sugar Donerail
353 B C Mission In Life Missys Mission Yankee Glide*
582 B F Tap Tap Dance Suydance Yankee Glide
454 B F Benthebest Trueblue Volo Yankee Glide*
407 B F This Way That Way Zig N Zag Yankee Glide
190 B F Wow Bella Wac Malabar Man*
Ken Warkentin
229 B C Calipari Sheena Hall Conway Hall*
Revenue S
733 B C My Revenuer Madam Hanover Super Bowl*
SJ's Caviar
648 B C Fountainbleau Volo Blue Water Fly Supergill*
Yankee Glide
85 B F Give You My Word Aimee's Promise American Winner
39 B C Legendofthefalls Armbro Niagara Balanced Image
70 B C Manofmanymissions Armbro Vanquish Garland Lobell
583 B C Tie Score Armbro Wonderful King Conch*
323 B C Moneyline Volo Bank Of Newport Tagliabue*
491 B C Tale To Tell Cardinal Lexie Cooper Lobell
527 B F Hoedown Throwdown Catchy Little Tune Crowning Point
546 B C Cleveland Volo Claudia Conway Hall*
380 B F Sizzling Volo Cookout Bonefish*
538 B C Lightsonlightsoff Flickering Halo Bonefish
197 B C Goal To Goal Foxy Victory Mr Vic
519 Br C Canal Skater Giant Missy Lindy Lane*
578 B C Gusty Volo Gutsy Lobell Speedy Somolli*
461 Br C Downloaded Hear The Music Conway Hall
532 B C I Feel Speed Hope Floats Donerail*
22 B F Flirt With Fortune Jambo Tagliabue*
118 B C Just Livin My Life JC's Secret Malabar Man
334 B F Ladylike Volo Likeable Supergill*
779 B F Love Me Back Louisa Matilda Malabar Man
484 B C Matador Volo My Isabel Conway Hall*
384 B F Above A Whisper Only Dreaming Royal Prestige
717 B C Strong Tempo Secret Harmony Tagliabue
638 B F Watch Me Go Byebye This Above All Mr Vic
196 B F Lost Symbol Wishingforadream Mr Vic*