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Kentuckiana Farms Yearlings


2007 Trotting Yearlings

...will sell at the
Lexington Selected Yearling Sale
Oct. 3rd - 7th at the Fasig-Tipton Pavilion
in Lexington, Kentucky

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In order to view the videos of each yearling, you will need Macromedia Flash 7. If you have Flash already, simply click on the video icon View a Video of Armbro Pisces next to the yearling you wish to see.

          *Denotes agent       yearling  
Video Hip # Color Sex Horse Name Dam Sire of Dam
Angus Hall
270 B F Download PDF of...Work Your Magic  Giant Missy  Lindy Lane*
123 B F Download PDF of...Lookin Back At You  Got To Be Going  Pine Chip*
Broadway Hall
377 B C Download PDF of...The Floridal  Always Victorious  Mr Vic*
467 B F Download PDF of...Nordic Nymph  Armbro Norway  Speedy Crown*
404 B F Download PDF of...Caerphilly  Crunchess  Prakas*
469 B F Download PDF of...Style Element  Now From Then  Yankee Glide*
503 B C Download PDF of...Beer At Four  Stay At Home Mom  Mr Vic*
548 B F Download PDF of...Twice The Joy  This Above All  Mr Vic
507 B F Download PDF of...She's My Baby  Yankee Crunch  Yankee Glide*
Cantab Hall
164 B C Download PDF of...The Vatican  Armbro Nun  Speedy Crown*
25 B F Download PDF of...Mayflower Volo  Missys Goal  Armbro Goal*
180 B C Download PDF of...Santana Volo  Sandra Victory  Valley Victory*
521 B C Download PDF of...Gallant Effort  Valley Doll  Valley Victory*
Conway Hall
31 B F Download PDF of...Cocktail Ring  Armbro Niagara  Balanced Image
410 B C Download PDF of...Engaging Volo  Embracing  Supergill*
125 B F Download PDF of...Honeybee Volo  Hail Mary Hanover  Yankee Glide*
129 B F Download PDF of...Someway  Heaven Tonight  Victory Dream*
138 B C Download PDF of...Rox No Salt  Lady Talkin  Super Bowl*
290 B C Download PDF of...Big Hit  Lei  Crowning Point*
299 B F Download PDF of...Miss Matawan  Mantoloking  Sierra Kosmos*
417 B C Download PDF of...Judge Advocate Meme's Sugar  Donerail
243 B C Download PDF of...Ibelieve Ibelieve  Missys Mission  Yankee Glide*
705 B F Download PDF of...Scene One  Second Act  Sierra Kosmos*
42 B F Download PDF of...Matchplay Volo  Stroke Play  Yankee Glide*
352 B C Download PDF of...Xelerating  Suydance  Yankee Glide
209 B F Download PDF of...Carman M  Tuscany Dream  Victory Dream
477 B F Download PDF of...Flirty Flight  Yankee Phoenix  Valley Victory*
Credit Winner
397 B F Download PDF of...Mystical Bracelet  Casey's Lil Lane  Lindy Lane*
Dream Vacation
583 B F Download PDF of...Gabriella Volo  Gain The Day  Mr Vic*
733 B F Download PDF of...Foot Stompin Music  Tutu Tango  Yankee Paco*
389 B C Download PDF of...Wahkan  Bravura Hanover  Balanced Image*
Like A Prayer
692 B C Download PDF of...Motor Inn  Ritzy Ritz  Rule The Wind
Malabar Man
281 B F Download PDF of...Honorable Daughter  Honorable Mother  Mr Vic
Muscles Yankee
57 B C Download PDF of...Caviar Volo  Classic Winner  American Winner*
S J's Caviar
748 Ch F Download PDF of...Gossip Gal  Won't She Tell  Mr Vic
S J's Photo
776 B C Download PDF of...Uwantapieceofme  Better Together  Crowning Point
641 B F Download PDF of...Shes A Crazy Daisy  Miss Fleur  Valley Victory
677 B F Download PDF of...Makerofmemories  Pine Booth  Pine Chip
Self Possessed
763 B F Download PDF of...Naughty Nanny  Aupair Affair  Pine Chip*
769 B F Download PDF of...Priceless Princess  Banker's Review  Wall Street Banker*
398 B F Download PDF of...Jeansandatshirt  Casual Chick  Yankee Glide*
128 B F Download PDF of...Down To You  Countess Rosemary  Armbro Goal
589 B F Download PDF of...Firstplacentherace  Gold Medalist  Donerail
700 B C Download PDF of...Sargent Volo  Sara Hall  Garland Lobell*
189 B F Download PDF of...MPShe Player  Song Catcher  Valley Victory
513 B C Download PDF of...Play Fair  Tip N Chips  Pine Chip
519 B C Download PDF of...Class Bully  USMenie  Uno Atout*
Striking Sahbra
405 B F Download PDF of...Come And Play  Dats Dixie  Balanced Image*
657 B C Download PDF of...Grand Occasion  Nadia Hanover  Sierra Kosmos*
Tom Ridge
514 B F Download PDF of...Travel Cove  Tourism  Speedy Crown*
Windsong's Legacy
564 B C Download PDF of...King Volo  Crowned Victory  Valley Victory*
406 B C Download PDF of...Make Me A Match  Dig That Girl  Yankee Glide*
412 B F Download PDF of...Exciting Volo  Eternal Victory  Valley Victory*
Yankee Glide
376 B F Download PDF of...Stay True To You Aimee's Promise American Winner
396 B F Download PDF of...Be My Baby Armbro Carroll Malabar Man*
221 B C Download PDF of...Tourney Winner Armbro Wonderful King Conch*
83 B C Download PDF of...Heir About Him Aura Of Glory Royal Prestige
771 B C Download PDF of...Rock With It Baubles Crowning Point
549 B F Download PDF of...Clearwater Volo Blue Water Fly Supergill*
66 B C Download PDF of...Bossy Volo Box Trot Cumin*
241 B F Download PDF of...Justalittlewhine Cardinal Lexie Cooper Lobell
102 B F Download PDF of...Headintheclouds Catchy Little Tune Crowning Point
245 B C Download PDF of...Halfpipe Charissee Hanover Pine Chip*
786 B F Download PDF of...Well Cultured China Lady Speedy Crown
559 B F Download PDF of...Time Has Come Chip's Caller Pine Chip*
567 B F Download PDF of...All Drama Dawdle Bonefish
577 B C Download PDF of...Target Market Eclectia S J's Photo*
304 B C Download PDF of...Howthehaloareyou Flickering Halo Bonefish
429 B F Download PDF of...Groovin Granny Gracious Granny Crowning Point
278 B F Download PDF of...Kentucky Babe Guinevere LV Glory Bound*
166 B C Download PDF of...Partylikearockstar Hear The Music Conway Hall
597 B F Download PDF of...Marge In Charge High Powered Lady Speedy Crown*
131 B F Download PDF of...Macy Lane Jambo Tagliabue*
614 B F Download PDF of...Play It Right Just Right S Sherwood*
292 B F Download PDF of...Littlemscantbwrong Little Ms Queenie American Winner
457 B C Download PDF of...Just Picture It Miss Photogenic Crowning Point
251 B F Download PDF of...Nevermiss Volo No Moremiss Speedy Crown*
238 B F Download PDF of...OK To Play Olympic Light Super Bowl
471 B F Download PDF of...Starter Wife Only Babe Incredible Abe*
317 B F Download PDF of...Serene Dream Only Dreaming Royal Prestige*
321 B C Download PDF of...Simple Game Petal Primer Mr Vic*
676 B C Download PDF of...Fast Take Photo Please Mr Lavec*
60 B C Download PDF of...Catch That Yank Pine Hill Vogue S J's Photo*
171 B F Download PDF of...So Much Joy Pj's Nannette Donerail*
479 B F Download PDF of...I Wanna Be Adored Pocketfullofposies Crowning Point
481 B F Download PDF of...Grant Me Glory Preachers Wife Super Bowl*
494 B F Download PDF of...Margarita Momma Sheena Hall Conway Hall*
710 B F Download PDF of...Legs Up To Here Show Me Leg Donerail*
39 B F Download PDF of...Keep Me In Mind Sweet Little Devil Carry The Message*
207 B F Download PDF of...Tresbien Volo Tresora Armbro Goal*
213 B C Download PDF of...Action Not Words Victory Slide Mr Vic*
7 B F Download PDF of...Wigwam Volo Winky's Trophy Super Bowl*
526 B F Download PDF of...I'myourbiggestfan Winning Tribute American Winner
750 B F Download PDF of...Makes A Memory Zaa Boo Pine Chip*